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Center for General Education

Originally established in 1998, the Center for General Education was a second level academic unit under the Office of Academic Affairs. It promoted to "the Office of General Education" in 1999. In 2004, when the University established "the College of Medical Humanities and Social Sciences," it was renamed "the Center for General Education" once again in 2006 under the College of Medical Humanities and Social Sciences. Until in 2012, the Center for General Education independent, and upgraded to first level academic unit. Now it's a organization of professional planning and execution units.


Currently, the center has four full-time teachers, including 2 professors with the specialty in philosophy (medical humanities) and art, 1 associate professor with the specialty in philosophy, and 1 assistant professor with the specialty in music education. As for the part-time faculty, we have several part-time teachers; their specialty includes medical humanities, art, literature and history, philosophy, sociology, law, religion, music, recreation, etiquette, etc.

Curriculum design

Chung Shan Medical University emphasizes the spirit of medical-humanities, appreciates human value, and respects life. Consequently, the Center for General Education offers the medical humanities related courses and integrated courses in “Gender, Culture and Medicine,” and establishes the research community by organizing the teachers with the background of medicine, nursing, law, gender, sociology and mental philosophy.

At present, the curriculum for general education, requiring twenty-eight course credits, is divided into two main categories. The first category includes the required courses in Reading and Writing (two credits), English (four credits), Introduction to University (two credits) and Service Learning (zero credits). The second category consists of six groups of study: Language Communication, Technology Application, Logic Reasoning, Ethical Philosophy, Creative Aesthetics, Humane Care (requiring twenty credits in total).